Jeff Victer joins ProOne Inc. as Vice President, International

COSTA MESA, California April 7, 2015 - ProOne Inc. announced today that Jeff Victer has joined the company as Vice President, International Sales and Marketing. Mr. Victer will primarily be responsible for developing and implementing the international sales strategy, and developing new and managing international distributor relationships. Victer comes to ProOne after serving as Director, Global Sales with GoldenWest Lubricants Inc. where he was responsible since 2006 for establishing, developing and supporting distributors in 30+ countries around the globe.

Previously, Victer held an international sales management position with Prolong Super Lubricants Inc. He brings nearly 20 years' experience and leadership in the International automotive and industrial lubricant industry to ProOne. "I am very excited about this opportunity to introduce a compelling new technology to industry,” Mr. Victer stated. "XPL+, an advanced plant-based technology, represents an unmatched improvement over older formulations in the marketplace. I am fortunate to be associated with such a s

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ProOne Inc. Introduces Revolutionary Pipe On Pipe Treatment – CoilPro

Specifically designed for Coil Tubing applications, ProOne has released another weapon that drills all plugs and provides pipe-on-pipe protection and performance. CoilProPressRelease ProOne Inc., announces today that the company has introduced CoilProTM Pipe on Pipe Treatment, a new product specifically for coiled tubing, after impressive field tests over the past year with leading completion services companies. Formulated with ProOne’s proprietary XPL+® lubrication technology, CoilPro has a film strength that can withstand more than 200,000 psi of metal-to-metal pressure and can tolerate high heat up to 500 degrees F. CoilPro reduces the pipe on pipe friction between the coiled tubing and the casing, increasing the rate of penetration and helping drill all the frac-plugs. “We previously used another lube but I’ve never seen a POP perform like this. We cleared all the plugs and it made a huge difference to our bottom line,” said a 25-year veteran for a major completions services company who has used CoilPro on a number of jobs in the Bakken. The lead operator for the coil

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ProOne Featured on Petro Energia – Maximum Well Cost Savings for Latin American Operators

Maximum Well Cost Savings for Latin American Operators: ProOne Introduces NITRO by Tim Wagner, ProOne Inc., for Petroleo Energia magazine Click here for article PetroEnergiaMarch2015 Introduction With 20-percent of all underground oil reserves globally, and one of its countries (Venezuela) overtaking Saudi Arabia as having the largest proven reserves, Latin America is well-positioned to benefit substantially from new downhole drilling technology. With the world’s oil industry essentially being turned upside-down as prices plunged to the $40/barrel range, drilling operations are suddenly on a boom-to-bust cycle. Seemingly overnight, significant capital budget cuts, major staff layoffs and a sharp focus on saving time and money have become the norm on rigs which are still operating. R&D Secret Becomes Game-Changer From the labs of Houston, Texas and Orange County, California, ProOne Inc. has responded to operators concerned with reducing high production costs, stepping into this new worldwide reality at precisely the right time. Formulat

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Latin America Gets Introduced to ProOne Drilling Technology

“Eliminating friction from downhole drilling, delivering major time/cost savings” - By Tim Wagner, ProOne For The Petroleum Magazine (Latin America) ThePetroleumMagLatin-FEB-2015pdfPage 23 Introduction Globally, the oil and gas industry operates on such a huge exploration and production (E&P) scale that savings of up to $1 million per well in downhole drilling are a real attention-getter for operators. Now, not only small drilling companies with a few wells but large companies with many more are “doing the math” after seeing a new commercialized R&D deliver major time/cost savings for their companies. While the development may have a plain appearance – it’s a lubricant or drilling mud additive -- the news is actually extraordinary. Remember its name, XPL+ (Xtreme Pressure Lubricant), because after virtually reducing friction to zero in the entire downhole drilling system on 700 North America wells, it will soon be everywhere. Distributed exclusively by DistributionNOW, spun off from oilfield se

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Scandinavian OIl and Gas Magazine Talks About XPL+ Technology

Scandinavian-Oil-Gas-Article Virtually eliminating friction, which typically causes every major problem in downhole drilling systems, is what the revolutionary XPL+ lubricant does. Results from 700-plus field-proven wells in North America have convinced operators tor permanently change to this drilling mud additive. Developed and marketed by ProOne LLC, with dual USA Headquarters in Houston, Texas, and Orange County, California, the company's R&D engineered the product around the leading edge science: reversing lubricant's typical avoidance reaction to heat. In direct contrast, XPL+ embodies a positively charged molecular structure which lets it bond to absolutely any metal downhole despite extreme heat and pressure. Not only does that also deliver extreme pressure protection, it also translates into an unheard of fifty times conventional film strength. National Oilwell Varco's well-known spin-off DistributionNOW sells XPL+ at 38 locations (including Scandinavia) internationally. Tested and proven in widely recognized laboratories, XPL+ has quickly become known as the u

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