Upstream Pumping – Drilling Mud Additive Combination Boosts Efficiency

Article - Drilling Mud Additive Boosts Efficiency Even at lower concentrations, this mud conditioner can save operators money. by Lawrence Kahn Without the visual impact of a drilling rig structure and related equipment, mud pits seem to be a more benign aspect of “making hole.” Yet, with the cost of drilling mud as high as 10 percent of total drilling expense, the fluid had better do its job well. Ensuring optimal performance has even prompted operators to assign separate day and night mud engineers. Since mud is that important, what about additives? Drill fluid additives play a unique role, from helping overcome multiple drilling challenges to ideally maximize downhole drilling efficiency and saving operators time and money. In this environment, one company introduced an additive to help deal with laterals, verticals and curves. R&D Innovation Despite mud’s ordinary appearance, its job is quite challenging. It has to remove cuttings, minimize corrosion, lubricate and support both the drilling assembly and the bit, and control formation pressures. Additives are just as integral as the mud itself. They can reduce fluid loss, provide surf

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ProOne’s 2 in 1 Drill Conditioner Diamond Dust Featured in Oil & Gas Product News

Click on Link Below: Drill Fluid Conditioner Improves Performance in Field Tests ProOne's Diamond Dust has shown potential for reducing costs and improving efficiency for drilling operators. February 8, 2017 Changes in oil and gas field operations sometimes come so quickly they seem to occur overnight. ProOne, Inc. saw real limitations with existing downhole lubrication and developed what the company feels is a game-changing product. Eight years ago the company’s R&D scientists’ solution effectively became the next evolution in lubrication technology through their proprietary XPL+ technology, which greatly reduces friction even under the most extreme downhole conditions. With fifty times the film strength of conventional lubricants, the attributes were quickly evident at drill sites including: 70% friction reduction, improved ROP, up to 50% reduction in torque and drag, less corrosion and wear, to name only

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Huffington Post – ProOne’s ProFlow is the paradigm shift that ends this insufficient cycle in well production. Always keeping my ear to the ground, I recently caught wind of a supposed breakthrough technology within the oil and gas sector. After sixty years of literally no innovation related to increased oil production, the name Scott Rettberg came to life—so I took a further look. Touted as disruptive, which always gets my attention, I soon found my way to Rettberg, who is the Founder and inventor of ProFlow, a unique and highly effective production stimulant for the oil and gas industryAt first impression, Rettberg comes across as a larger than life. His peers describe him as a cross between Wyatt Earp and Tony Stark, Rettberg’s arrogance supplants confidence like a brick through a windshield, but perhaps his bravado has been earned like all the great innovators of our time. My first question to Rettberg was, “What makes this technology disruptive?” His answer, “You’re looking at it,” poised in his cowboy boots, diamond watch, and a mouth full of tobacco. But don’t let Rettberg’s, old wes

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ProOne Attends the 2016 Permian Basin International Oil Show

On October 18-20th 2016, ProOne attended The Permian Basin International Oil Show. This is the place to be to stay on top of the latest product developments, services and technologies. Maximizing the ROI is more important than ever to keep our industry vital and vibrant. The focus has always been on the mechanics, and more recently, software. However, over the past century there is one tool that has received very little faith in the industry. Once thought not powerful enough to make any considerable contribution and be cost effective in savings …drilling fluids. Over seventy percent of all energy that is delivered by a drilling rig and its surface and downhole equipment to a drill well is lost through friction. Torque, drag, hook load affect operational efficiencies, hindering performance from the drill bit, all the way up the drill string to the mechanical surface equipment, and we all know that if left unmitigated can bring the drilling process to a halt causing hundreds of thousands if not millions in cost. ProOne has answered the call with a line of advanced drilling lubricants that turn any mud into a super mud. The real tests are in the field, and after 700 wells

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Oil Production Efficiency – Overlooked Mud Additive Technology Gets a Resurrection

Drilling Efficiency

Key Strategies That Will Put You Ahead

What went wrong?  The oil collapse has left a graveyard of devastation in its wake.  From December 2014 to December 2015, an estimated 288,000 Texas jobs have been lost. That includes an estimated 72,000 direct oil and gas jobs and 210-220,000 indirect/induced jobs, according to Karr Ingham, a petroleum economist for the Texas Alliance of Energy. Thousands more were lost in other shale-plays not to mention service businesses in towns reliant on the oil boom. In a land of untrustworthy forecasting trends it’s difficult to take any leading experts advice on a commodity that affects the livelihood of many Americans and some shale producers won’t start production back online until prices are higher. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  “We can’t control the commodity prices, be we can control the efficiency of our wells,” said Ben Mathis, Statoil’s Eagleford operations manager. “The industry has taken this is as a wake-up call to get more efficient or get out.”

Loss Forces Innovation

In a ‘slow to adapt to change’ industry, operators are now forced to find m

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