Black Diamond

2-in-1 Drill Fluid Conditioner

  • Powered by ProOne’s XPL+®Lubrication Technology Most Cost Effective Lubricant for Horizontals
  • Coats Open Hole with a Thin, Tough Wallcake to Prevent Seepage and Circulation Loss


Dark Brown to Black Liquid. Highly Dispersible in Either Water Based Muds or Oil Based Muds


  • Exceptional lubricity for reduction of torque, drag, differential sticking, bit balling & bit wear
  • Enhances shale inhibition and stabilization
  • Superior high temperature fluid loss control
  • Builds a thin, tough and slick filter cake
  • Improves cleaning of drill cuttings
  • Reduces corrosion on drill strings
  • Extends bit life and decreases mud pump downtime
  • And it’s environmentally friendly!

Mixing Requirements

Use conventional mud hopper system, and/or “bleed” into circulating mud system while drilling. Also can mix “slugs” in 25-barrel premix tank and blend slowly into circulating mud system. Recommended concentrations of 1% to 2% by volume of mud system are suggested. In oil mud systems, the amounts of the two primary emulsifiers can often be reduced by 10-25%, thus lowering cost of the oil mud. It is recommended the drilling fluid specialist conduct tests to support these reductions.

Maintenance Requirements

Loss of the lubricant due to coating of drill- cuttings, loss on walls of the wellbore, and losses due to dilution-disposal of mud volumes, require attention be given to daily additions of BLACK DIAMOND. Consider adding 1 to 2 drums slowly over 12-hour periods and adjust with experience.