Fuel Maximizer

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Fuel Conditioning Technology

As time goes by engines become inefficient due to fuel contamination and component deterioration resulting in high maintenance costs. ProOne’s Fuel Maximizer Technology is a super-concentrated fuel catalyst/conditioner that liberates it’s chemical energy and addresses fuel problems. This creates better performance, significantly reduces fuel consumption and dramatically lowers emissions.

How it Works

  • Breaks down large fuel particles!
  • Accelerates combustion by Atomizing and Vaporizing fuel to burn more efficiently
  • Dramatically reduces ash and unburned carbon

Solves Unseen Problems With:

  • Gas & Diesel Fuel – Incomplete Combustion
  • Fuel Filters – Clogging
  • Fuel Injectors – Carbon Build-Up (Nozzle)
  • Fuel Tanks – Gumming, Varnish, Water Contamination
  • Fuel Injector Pump – Premature Wear, Seal Degradation
  • EGR Valves – Carbon Build-Up, Sticking