With its ProFlow production lubricant offering, ProOne repeats the unprecedented success of the company’s revolutionary downhole drilling fluid additive XPL+, which solves major friction problems on wells. Especially valuable for artificial lift systems (ALS), this new patent-pending lubrication treatment dramatically increases efficiencies and lowers operating costs by bonding to all metal surfaces of pump, tubing and rod components.

Operators report that this nanotechnology lubricant is field-proven to consistently reduce friction and drag in rod pumps, and torque in PCP and ESP applications. Numerous benefits include reduced flow line pressures, energy consumption, rod load and pressure at all critical contact points, along with fewer failures, less required maintenance and reduced downtime. With higher pump efficiency, displacement and laminar flow, key benefits include enhanced production, reduced lifting costs, and extended equipment lifespan.

ProFlow excels on deviated wells, deep wells and other wells operating inefficiently or with continued maintenance problems.

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