Diamond Dust

Drill Fluid Conditioner

Powered by ProOne’s XPL+®Lubrication Technology Most Cost Effective Lubricant for Horizontals


Dark Brown to Black Powder.  Highly Dispersible in Either Water Based Muds or Oil Based Muds


  • Exceptional lubricity for reduction of torque, drag, differential sticking, bit balling & bit wear
  • Enhances shale inhibition and stabilization
  • Superior high temperature fluid loss control
  • Builds a thin, tough and slick filter cake
  • Improves cleaning of drill cuttings
  • Reduces corrosion on drill strings
  • Extends bit life and decreases mud pump downtime
  • And it’s environmentally friendly!

Mixing Requirements

Use conventional mud hopper system.

Add 4-6 pounds per barrel of drilling fluid over 4-5 circulations for initial “mud-up”.

Maintenance Requirements

Daily additions of 1-2 pounds suggested