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Designed to reduce heat and friction under the most extreme conditions ProOne has created three formulas offering the same unmatched technology and same unmatched results potentially savings millions in drilling operations.


This drilling mud additive has been proven to offer extraordinary results in horizontal and vertical drilling operations.

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Formulated with the world renowned XPL+ Technology,  ProOne WireGlide bonds to metal and has a high load carrying capability (over 200,000psi of pressure) extending wire rope life. 

CoilPro Pipe on Pipe Treatment is the next evolution in coil tubing lubrication.  This reduces the coefficient offriction between the coil tubing and casing and in addition works in PUMP LINER WASH SYSTEMS!

"We cleared all the plugs!" - Major Operator/ Bakken
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ProOne’s lubrication arsenal extends to all rig level drilling applications. ProOne products are specifically designed to provide the best protection and performance, solve lubrication problems, reduce downtime, and allow equipment to operate safely and efficiently.

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