Unsurpassed, Protection Against Rust & Oxidation

ProOne Lubricants offers Rust Pro™ Rust Inhibitor capable of providing up to 5 years protection in indoor storage and 2-3 years protection outdoors. For carbon steel or any exposed metal or painted surface in high-salt environments.


Proven and used by major oil & gas companies for their stack-out programs and pipe protection.  Rust Pro is an oil-dispersed, thixotropic, all-purpose rust preventive formulated to provide unsurpassed long-term protection against rust and oxidation.


Because of its thixotropic characteristics, Rust Pro has the ability to become fluid with agitation enabling the residual film to be self-healing.

Untreated vs Treated

3/16 inch bare steel. Right side brushed with
Rust Pro and wiped off. Steel exposed to open
air (67°F, 63% humidity) and muriatic acid for
24 hours.


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Rust Pro
Tech Sheet
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ProOne Industrial 
  • Long-term protection for ferrous and nonferrous parts for up to 5 years indoors and 2-3 outdoors.

  • Can be sprayed or brushed for even coating of the surfaces.

  • Once on the surface of the part, Rust Pro becomes a semi solid reducing drips and runoff.

  • Superior clean-ability - it can be easily removed with an alkaline cleaner.

  • On parts exposed to salt spray environments.

  • When parts will be subjected to long term storage or transportation.

  • When maximum protection is required against corrosion.