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ProOne Announces New Natural Gas Engine Oils

FULLERTON, California June 24, 2021 – ProOne is pleased to announce the introduction of a new line of Natural Gas Engine Oils (NGEOs) developed specially for stationary natural gas engines used for gas distribution pipelines, power generation, and industrial applications including pumps, compressors, and other gas-driven machinery.


ProOne’s NGEO lineup includes three levels of performance, depending on the requirements for the application. All of them offer incomparable TAN performance and TBN retention for better operating efficiencies and cost control. With unique proprietary additives, the Performance product will provide a 25-35% increase in oil drain intervals while the expected increase is 50-100% for the Performance product.


In competitive benchmarking tests, ProOne Performance and Performance Plus formulas outperformed 12 competitive stationary gas lubricants across the board including EOT (End of test) TAN, TBN Retention, PDSC Oxidation, Copper Corrosion, Sludge Dispersancy, Wear and Film Thickness.


The products meet or exceed OEM requirements for Cummins, MWM, Mann, Dresser Rand, Guascor

Wartsila 4T, Caterpillar and approved by Waukesha and Jenbacher.


Stationary gas engines need a special oil for several reasons. Gas burns hotter so the oil is prone to high oxidation and nitration which leads to viscosity increase and sludge formation. Gas being “dry” requires ash level controls to manage valve seat recession, has no sulfur and no soot to form protective coatings on valves. Moreover, gas engines used in industrial applications typically have higher load factors and are often used in remote operations where reliability is essential.


“ProOne’s line of Natural Gas Engine Oils is second to none in performance,” said Tim Wagner, President and VP of R&D and Technology for ProOne. “ProOne’s philosophy is to only introduce products and technology that is superior to existing competitors and which solve real-world problems and offer measurable cost savings for our customers.”



About ProOne:

Based in Orange County, California, ProOne, Inc. has developed lubrication technology that can be demonstrated to be over 50 times greater film strength than conventional lubricants. The product line includes oils and greases for industrial, commercial, and oil & gas applications. ProOne Drilling Fluid Treatments which has been used over the past 8 years in over 1,500 wells to reduce torque and drag by as much as 50% and increase rate of penetration in lateral wells, yet are plant-based, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. For additional information on ProOne visit and


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