“Previously used another lube but I’ve never seen a POP perform like ProOne. We cleared all the plugs and it made a huge difference in our bottom line.”
– Major Operator/ Bakken, November 2014

Formulated with ProOne’s XPL+ Technology, CoilPro Pipe on Pipe Treatment’s positively charged molecule structure bonds to metal, optimizing lubrication. It has a film strength 50 times more powerful than conventional pipe lubricants, withstanding more than 200,000 psi of pressure! This reduces the coefficient of friction between the coil tubing and casing.
In addition, CoilPro added to the Pump Liner Wash System will dramatically increase pump performance, extend the life of pistons, liners, swabs, and springs by up to 60%!.


  • Attracted to Hot Spots
  • Withstands High Heat (beyond 500°)
  • Unprecedented Film Strength (over 200,000psi)
  • Water Dispersible
  • Helps increase WOB
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Personnel Friendly /Non-Toxic


  • Drill/Mill frac-plugs
  • Lubricates the entire casing and CT BHA thereby increasing lateral reach