What is XPL+ Technology?

ProOne’s XPL+ Xtreme Pressure Lubrication technology is the core for ProOne’s line of
high performance lubricants. XPL+ has a strong ionic (+) charge so it bonds to metal giving it extreme pressure
performance and protection.

XPL+ is vegetable-based, stable, non-corrosive, non-reportable and environmentally friendly!

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On a bench cross axis friction machine test, bearings are subjected to pressure from a spinning race. Using a
leading downhole drilling fluid without XPL+, the bearing sustains severe damage at only 4,000 pounds per
square inch of pressure. With ProOne’s exclusive XPL+technology, there is minimal damage at 200,000 per
square inch of pressure…over 50 times the pressure!

  Typical Lubricants xpl
Charge +
Bonding/flowing Flowing Bonding
Reaction to heat & pressure Migrates away Migrates towards
Film strength Limited Extraordinary
Environmentally friendly No Yes



Case Studies

From casing to TD and everything in between, ProOne begins to work the moment it enters the well. Although it can be added at any stage, cost savings begin, exponentially increasing all the way to TD.s


Case Study