Huffington Post – ProOne’s ProFlow is the paradigm shift that ends this insufficient cycle in well production. Always keeping my ear to the ground, I recently caught wind of a supposed breakthrough technology within the oil and gas sector. After sixty years of literally no innovation related to increased oil production, the name Scott Rettberg came to life—so I took a further look. Touted as disruptive, which always gets my attention, I soon found my way to Rettberg, who is the Founder and inventor of ProFlow, a unique and highly effective production stimulant for the oil and gas industryAt first impression, Rettberg comes across as a larger than life. His peers describe him as a cross between Wyatt Earp and Tony Stark, Rettberg’s arrogance supplants confidence like a brick through a windshield, but perhaps his bravado has been earned like all the great innovators of our time. My first question to Rettberg was, “What makes this technology disruptive?” His answer, “You’re looking at it,” poised in his cowboy boots, diamond watch, and a mouth full of tobacco. But don’t let Rettberg’s, old wes

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ProOne Attends the 2016 Permian Basin International Oil Show

On October 18-20th 2016, ProOne attended The Permian Basin International Oil Show. This is the place to be to stay on top of the latest product developments, services and technologies. Maximizing the ROI is more important than ever to keep our industry vital and vibrant. The focus has always been on the mechanics, and more recently, software. However, over the past century there is one tool that has received very little faith in the industry. Once thought not powerful enough to make any considerable contribution and be cost effective in savings …drilling fluids. Over seventy percent of all energy that is delivered by a drilling rig and its surface and downhole equipment to a drill well is lost through friction. Torque, drag, hook load affect operational efficiencies, hindering performance from the drill bit, all the way up the drill string to the mechanical surface equipment, and we all know that if left unmitigated can bring the drilling process to a halt causing hundreds of thousands if not millions in cost. ProOne has answered the call with a line of advanced drilling lubricants that turn any mud into a super mud. The real tests are in the field, and after 700 wells

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Oil Production Efficiency – Overlooked Mud Additive Technology Gets a Resurrection

Drilling Efficiency

Key Strategies That Will Put You Ahead

What went wrong?  The oil collapse has left a graveyard of devastation in its wake.  From December 2014 to December 2015, an estimated 288,000 Texas jobs have been lost. That includes an estimated 72,000 direct oil and gas jobs and 210-220,000 indirect/induced jobs, according to Karr Ingham, a petroleum economist for the Texas Alliance of Energy. Thousands more were lost in other shale-plays not to mention service businesses in towns reliant on the oil boom. In a land of untrustworthy forecasting trends it’s difficult to take any leading experts advice on a commodity that affects the livelihood of many Americans and some shale producers won’t start production back online until prices are higher. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  “We can’t control the commodity prices, be we can control the efficiency of our wells,” said Ben Mathis, Statoil’s Eagleford operations manager. “The industry has taken this is as a wake-up call to get more efficient or get out.”

Loss Forces Innovation

In a ‘slow to adapt to change’ industry, operators are now forced to find m

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“Innovative Drilling Mud Additive Saves Substantial Time and Money by Dramatically Reducing Downhole Friction” – Oil & Gas Eurasia March 2015

Introduction Following successful use by operators of its innovative XPL+ (Xtreme Pressure Lubrication) drilling mud additive in more than 700 North American wells, USA-based ProOne Inc., has expanded product distribution. Now primarily shipped from 300+ locations in twenty countries worldwide through major oilfield service company National Oilwell Varco’s Distribution NOW spin-off, Eurasia locations include Nizhnevartovsk, Sakhalin, Chengdu, Shanghai and Shanghai FTZ. Impetus for this expansion was the product’s unique tested and field-proven capabilities on two fronts: solving problems and saving money. It solves more than a dozen major downhole drilling challenges and, in accomplishing that, this lubricant saves as much as $1 million per well (all examples are in U.S. dollars) by dramatically reducing friction from a rig’s entire downhole drilling system. Developing a Proprietary Downhole Drilling Treatment In R&D at ProOne, jointly headquartered in Houston, TX, and Orange County, CA (USA), scientists focused on a top priority for oil and gas operators: how to overcome, friction, the No. 1 enemy of downhole drilling. With fric

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Jeff Victer joins ProOne Inc. as Vice President, International

COSTA MESA, California April 7, 2015 - ProOne Inc. announced today that Jeff Victer has joined the company as Vice President, International Sales and Marketing. Mr. Victer will primarily be responsible for developing and implementing the international sales strategy, and developing new and managing international distributor relationships. Victer comes to ProOne after serving as Director, Global Sales with GoldenWest Lubricants Inc. where he was responsible since 2006 for establishing, developing and supporting distributors in 30+ countries around the globe.

Previously, Victer held an international sales management position with Prolong Super Lubricants Inc. He brings nearly 20 years' experience and leadership in the International automotive and industrial lubricant industry to ProOne. "I am very excited about this opportunity to introduce a compelling new technology to industry,” Mr. Victer stated. "XPL+, an advanced plant-based technology, represents an unmatched improvement over older formulations in the marketplace. I am fortunate to be associated with such a s

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ProOne Inc. Introduces Revolutionary Pipe On Pipe Treatment – CoilPro

Specifically designed for Coil Tubing applications, ProOne has released another weapon that drills all plugs and provides pipe-on-pipe protection and performance. CoilProPressRelease ProOne Inc., announces today that the company has introduced CoilProTM Pipe on Pipe Treatment, a new product specifically for coiled tubing, after impressive field tests over the past year with leading completion services companies. Formulated with ProOne’s proprietary XPL+® lubrication technology, CoilPro has a film strength that can withstand more than 200,000 psi of metal-to-metal pressure and can tolerate high heat up to 500 degrees F. CoilPro reduces the pipe on pipe friction between the coiled tubing and the casing, increasing the rate of penetration and helping drill all the frac-plugs. “We previously used another lube but I’ve never seen a POP perform like this. We cleared all the plugs and it made a huge difference to our bottom line,” said a 25-year veteran for a major completions services company who has used CoilPro on a number of jobs in the Bakken. The lead operator for the coil

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ProOne Featured on Petro Energia – Maximum Well Cost Savings for Latin American Operators

Maximum Well Cost Savings for Latin American Operators: ProOne Introduces NITRO by Tim Wagner, ProOne Inc., for Petroleo Energia magazine Click here for article PetroEnergiaMarch2015 Introduction With 20-percent of all underground oil reserves globally, and one of its countries (Venezuela) overtaking Saudi Arabia as having the largest proven reserves, Latin America is well-positioned to benefit substantially from new downhole drilling technology. With the world’s oil industry essentially being turned upside-down as prices plunged to the $40/barrel range, drilling operations are suddenly on a boom-to-bust cycle. Seemingly overnight, significant capital budget cuts, major staff layoffs and a sharp focus on saving time and money have become the norm on rigs which are still operating. R&D Secret Becomes Game-Changer From the labs of Houston, Texas and Orange County, California, ProOne Inc. has responded to operators concerned with reducing high production costs, stepping into this new worldwide reality at precisely the right time. Formulat

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